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Native Style Baby Slings



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 The Native style Baby Sling is the easiest way to carry your baby while allowing your hands to be free for your everyday activities. This is a pouch-style carrier so there are NO rings, snaps or buckles to lead to confusion. It goes over your shoulder and rest on the opposite hip. Popular for those finding conventional carriers too bulky, and looking for a carrier that can easily be stuffed into a diaper bag or purse. You can carry your baby in a variety of positions including kangaroo carry where they can face forward and see the world or tummy to tummy (great for a napping baby) for that sense of security. Your baby will feel safe and secure in their Baby Sling.


To make it more secure, we built a curve into the carrier to keep the sides up on either side of the baby even when you bend over. Other sling brands use a straight piece of fabric so parents often need to hold on with one hand for security. Carry baby on your front, side or back. Toddlers fit snuggly on your hip. Use one or two for twins. For babies newborn through 35 lbs. If wearing it on your back, you can switch the carrier to your front or side without taking baby out.


Wearing the baby sling helps both mom and dad develop a close relationship with baby. Belief is that wearing young babies before they can crawl strengthens bonding and encourages trust between parent and child. Parents learn to be more responsive through baby wearing. Love and trust have a positive effect on our lives and our world.


Wearer's size determines the pouch's size. To find your size properly, use the height and weight chart below. If you see that you fall between, below of above any of the categories, please contact us for help. It's normal to feel your pouch snug at the beginning, that way it will grow with your baby.

Sling Measurements
Size Height and Weight
5'3" and below; less than 125 lb.
5'4" to 5'7" ; less than 160 lb.
5'8" and over; weighing over 165 lb.
custom sized
If you are over the size large and wonder about your sling fitting, please contact us.



All sling sizes are $40.00 each

Allow about a week, for orders to be filled, because these are custom made.


When making my slings, I don't use any trim that is loose or dangly like pom-poms or fringe. I believe that it is too much of a choke hazard.

They are all trimed with a attractive ribbon that adds to the look of the sling. If no trim is wanted on the sling, please notify us when order is placed or

 it will be made as described.



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