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Authentic Lazy Daisy Square Diaper Bag



Width from Side to Side

Width at Bottom

Small $55.00 11" 4.50" 8.25" 6 2
Medium $65.00 11" 5" 11.50" 6 2
Large $80.00 14" 6" 12" 6 2


The Square Style bag:  It has one pocket on each side on the outside. This bag is made with a ribbon tie     closure at the top.  It has two strap at 28" long by 2" wide.  All our bags are sturdy, structured and can stand        up on it's own. Our diaper bags are custom made for each customer when ordered. No two bags will be        exactly alike unless you want it to be.   You may choose the fabric combination and trim for your bag or have      us choose a cute combination for you.  We will customize your Authentic bag to meet your needs, see the optional features below. Any fabric combination seen on other bag pages can be done in this style.

If you would like to order a Lazy Daisy Bag, or if you have any questions please email me.


Chocolate/Kelso Traditions   #146

Chocolate and Teal Stripe  #147

Stellar Blue/Green/Brown Stripe # 148

Chocolate and Teal Madison  #150

Terrace Retro in Pink and Black #152

Chocolate and Pink Madison  #154

Trellis in Chocolate and Teal #102

Spa and Brown Dots w/ brown suede Top #103

Terrace pink w/brown suede  #100

Retro Flowers and Strips #105


Spa and Brown Stripe w/ Brown Suede #106

Pink and Black Paisley #108

John Deere with Denim #109

Lucky Girl with Black #110

Blue/Brown Paisley #122

Fly Away with Green Cub #111

Central Park Green #112

Pink Paisley w/Brown & Green Dot #115

Petunia Deco Dot w/Black #113

Blue w/ Brown Polka Dot #116

Red Sock Monkey #120

 Spirodots Pink and Black #121

Realtree Breakup #123

Flip Flops in Sunshine # 125

Black With Red Paw Print #126

Blue and Brown Stripe and Dot #128

Pink and Brown Stripe #129

Blue Brown Stripe w/Brown Suede # 127

Pink/Brown Marzipan and Stripe #132

Kelso Blue and Brown Striped #133

Pink and Brown Paisley w/Brown Velvet   # 135

Geometric Retro in Blue and Green #136

Brown w/Pink and Green Dot and Stripe #138


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* Optional Features:

Pocket along the back side of the Square/Messenger Bag. $10.00

Monogramming: $12.00 one name ; 2 names $20.00  Please let us know when placing your order and allow an extra week.

Lengthen the straps: $5.00

Latch Hook for keys: $6.00

Zippered inside Pocket: $15.00

Fell free to let us know if there is something that you want to take off or add to your bag at time of ordering.

Because each bag is made when you order them, please allow at least two weeks from the time that you place your order before it is shipped to you.

Shipping will be calculated and will be sent to you by USPS or UPS.  If you prefer to have it sent another way, please contact us and we will be glad to work with you.







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